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Friday, August 11, 2006

Labour Day Weekend Plans Derailed?

My long weekend plans appeared to have been derailed after a friend's mother wrote him a letter detailing that he's not to have more than 6 people at her cottage on Labour Day weekend, and I was one of the people who got the axe. I was saddened by the news. Although everyone who was going agreed to rent a cottage near Collingwood so everyone could attend, and all was well with the world.. Money fixes everything! Right?

(This cottage always has generated group news...)

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A friend pointed this site out to me earlier today, it's a little addictive and gives you the potential of winning free (real) money (if you get over $10USD) while playing fun little games with other people. It's ad supported and you start with a penny, and the premise is to double that 30 times and get 10million USD by playing 3 different mini games with other people who are wagering the same amount of money. (Of course the chance of winning 30 times in a row from 0.01 to over 10mil is infinitesimal. My front page says You are just 10 wins away from $2,621, hah! But only 1 lose away from $0.00! (It's in Beta and by invite only, I have 1 invite (which grants 3 more invites, ad infinitum) (

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Civic Long Weekend

The long weekend was filled with adventure. Went to the Ribfest, Balloon Fest (Sloan) and then to Sarnia for a yachting excursion..

Boating out in the lake is one of my favorite things to do, especially when it's on a big boat with all the amenities.. A wireless network even extended out into the lake for a few kilometers (from the Sarnia Yacht Club)... Don't ask me why I had my laptop on this excursion to be able to determine that though... It was only a 3 hour tour, we headed out to the wreck of the Sweetheart for a little snorkeling, swimming, drinking in 30 feet of lake water, and such.. I was a little sad to hear we were heading in, but that all disappeared when I got to captain the ship back into the marina (I handed over the helm once we were approaching the marina docks, as I wouldn't have felt comfortable avoiding other peoples' expensive boats (nor do I think the true captain would have either), especially with a gin and tonic (or 2) under my belt.