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Saturday, July 10, 2004

I started my low-carb diet today. I have tentative plans for a Buffet tomorrow with David Mott and Kim Jewell. This should be a testiment to my will power.

The Atkins diet means no drinking, so I got it out of my system last night by getting drunk (partially at home), on the way to the Honest Lawyer with Adam to meet Vicki, Sean, Sheila, Greg Gorman, and Marsha (whom I'm going to call Porsha forever, since I accidentally called her that when I first got there). Mark, Mike and Dave came later. Also Julie MacDonald, whom returned from England last month ran into us on her way out. She's back at Cohen Highley and can hardly wait to go back to England (or elsewhere).

Thursday, July 08, 2004

I started my emergency 'beach-bound' no-carb diet today, but quickly postponed it due to free food. I start this diet on Saturday now. I've purchased chicken and other carb-less items for my 2 week crash diet.

A tragedy occurred this week -- Vicki's Grandmother Priscilla Parsons has died. Her health had been deteriorating awfully rapidly over the last month starting with a bought of pneumonia and ending with cancerous tumors in lung and liver.

Tonight to the visitation, then to the funeral tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

The weekend was busy.

Friday, saw Spiderman with Byron, Sharon, Amanda, Scott & Vicki. (Review).

Saturday went to the kegger at Mike & Tina McKeen's. Everyone seemed to have lots of fun even though the keg ran out early (while it was still light out). People had to switch to their reserves. Jamie walked to Strathroy (and lost his glasses for a brief period on the way, rendering him nearly blind). Many people camped out, and were hung over the next day. (Greg's Keg Party Entry | Greg's Blog)

The 10th Mystery Restaurant Tour was held on Sunday at Cooperfields in historic Wortley Village. (MRT Webpage) Four people cancelled due to overdrinking the previous night.