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Friday, August 20, 2004

Screw you Bell Canada!

Bell, once my favorite company, has DUPED me again! When I bought my new cellphone I was told I could get a free MP3 player by the people at the store, they even gave me a colour instruction sheet on how to get it on the internet. I emailed them last week to report that it still hadn't arrived and they tell me it's for new activations only. I was enraged and emailed them back but to no avail. I may try to write a disappointment letter mentioning how they tricked me into a 2 year contract with a free mp3 player, and now I'm strung out to dry. Too bad I can't keep my number and go with another carrier!

Haven't done much this week, short of playing Eve. There was a poker party at my house, but I was scarce and I Saw Godsend last night with Vicki (Review)

Kottin Trip

I went to a CD Release party at Downtown Kathy Brown's downtown London last night with Vicki. KottinTrip is the band's name. Apparently there were record exec's up from LA(the ones that discovered the Stone Temple Pilots). The place was pretty full (likely due to the free entry, and free CDs). The young-membered band plays hardrock style, similar to Korn.

Updated At: Aug 27/04 1:00pm
I guess they're not too like korn. Maybe it was the K that got me thinking that.

There was an article in the free press mentioning them as well on Aug 27th.

Thursday, August 19, 2004


Originally I had planned for most of the year to be going to Vegas in Oct with a Kyle Simpson-organized group. He and wifey Becky bought their tickets already, which suprised me when I learned about it, since no one else had bought their tickets yet. I asked some people if they wanted to go, the only positive responses were Sean and Sheila. (And a little from Byron and Sharon at first, but they opted out).

Adam, who has to pick his holidays for the whole year in November or something was reportedly sad that he couldn't attend (although he knew about these Vegas plans in the beginning, but didn't try to coincide any dates that I recall).

Sean & Sheila decided to plan a Vegas trip in November with Adam & Trish in reponse to Adam's interest. I couldn't commit to it on such short notice, so they've proceeded with the finalization for just the 4 of them.

I'm stuck in a situation where I was all gungho about going to Vegas with Kyle & gang in October, and now there's this bigger November trip (that I'd have to somehow insert myself into if I wanted to go (without causing anyone any inconvenience)). Chris, Anastasia and Brent will be there, so perhaps I could be the 4th for the hotel in that situation. I'll have to wait and see what happens regarding Oct.

Sheila's dropped out of the planning for the Cancun trip in January, which effectively kills it, I toyed with the idea of going to Vegas twice in 2 months (instead of Cancun, which would be about the same price), but I've decided that's crazy!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I've been playing Eve Online (a space MMORPG) after reading an article that Byron sent to me on a character that played the game and the effect it had on him, causing him to perpetrate a huge online moneymaking scam. (Article)

Monday, August 16, 2004

There was a poker game on the weekend at Matt Lipski's (a friend of Ian's (who's a friend of Scott & Sean too, Ian the lifeguard, the lifeguard Ian)). It was $25 to enter and there were 24 people. I got 8th (plus or minus one slot), and netted a loss of $15. Adam won first prize in a tournament 'of the losers' coming out the most on top monetarily. Sean got 4th place and won back his admission plus approximately $15, Craig got somewhere between 4th and 8th place.