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Thursday, June 05, 2003

Poor Martha Stewart! So innocent! How can she be indicted!?!? She's Martha Stewart!!!

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

As if this week wasn't bad enough, Ticketmaster called me yesterday and told me that they have to cancel 4 tickets since I was over my 8 ticket limit. I had bought tickets in place of Laura as she couldn't get very far on the glitchy Ticketmaster webpage. And it automatically used my credit card, I was going to enter another one. So I thought it was all fine, as there was no indication there would be a problem. I got in a yelling match while on the phone with them because there was nothing they could do, not even cancel mine and allow the person who was meant to buy them, buy them. I broke my credit card in rage while talking to them and ended the conversation by swearing and throwing my poor poor phone.

What a shitty week!

Disappointment has struck :(.
I'm torn between going to the pearl jam concert that me and 7 others have had tickets to for months, and KEMF (Kerwood Electronic Music Festival) held at Mike's place.

Mike recently announced the date for KEMF, which interferes with this concert, and partially Amanda's bridal shower. I contacted him as soon as I heard a rumor this might be the date, but alas, my sway (and by proxy that of Scott, Amanda, Adam, Jeremy and Brent) was not enough to change this date.

Whichever event I go to will be soured
KEMF: Loss of $50+ bucks
Pearl Jam: Not being at KEMF

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Final Friday's (At Leo's in Strathroy) was this past weekend. Also had brunch with my oldest friend, David Mott (and Kim Jewell and Vicki). This week looks like it'll be a snore...