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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Back to my normal work week, cept I have this Friday off as well. I return to my Atkins diet today as well. It was originally supposed to just be a 2 day break from it instead of 4, but I couldn't resist on Friday night after I had purchased a bunch of cookies, macaroons, chips and clodhoppers. Then the long weekend is coming up, not sure what's going on, the main cottage goers were maybe going to be back since they have to leave Shane's cottage on Friday. But they might stay in the region. I may head out to a cottage in grand bend (Derek's (primarily a friend of Kyle)) if nothing else is going on. This weekend will be a testament to my continued resolve concerning my diet.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Trip to Andrew's Cottage

Cottage/Cabin trip was a success. We left at 7pm, arrived around 10:30pm(1 stop). We played a combination game of 3-man and hold'em it was fun. We went searching for the beach in the dead of night, which was tough to do, and after about an hour we found a tiny public beach area, which was JUST down the road from the cottage. (Cottage is almost on Kashe Lake)
Saturday, I was expecting to hear from Byron & Sharon, but no word and no answer at home, we went out for breakfast at at Sloan's in gravenhurst, not bad food (Vicki's was bad and cold), and so-so prices. We then went to one of the beaches, but only I had the cajones to go in the water, which had a gold tinge to it. Then back to the cottage to sit around for a while and decide what to do. Byron & Sharon FINALLY showed up after a 6+ hour trip of wrong turns and distraction by a DVD movie playing. (These things are dangerous)  We were supposed to have been gone to Casino Rama by then, but luckily we were delayed and didn't miss Byron/Sharon. Off to the Casino, which was a bit of a let down -- it was busier than all hell, and the limits on the table games were $25+!!! Adam played some hold'em after almost 2 hours of waiting (they don't let you call ahead to reserve a place (like in Sarina)). And the rest of us wandered around losing money and eating at the buffet (which was pretty good). I was stuffed before deciding to get it, and my stomach wasn't happy with me afterwards. Back to the cottage to drink, start a fire... We shouldn't have gone to the Casino, or should have come back much earlier so we could have started drinking sooner. Everyone was pooped, another game of 3-man hold'em ensued, and some smores were made. I hurt my back pouring water into a watering can after everyone disappeared and left me to put the fire out (Damn you Adam!). Sunday morning - went to Sloans again and then to a nicer beach, where Adam, Vicki and I swam. Then back to the cottage and everyone but Mark and I left. Mark was off near bracebridge much of the time taking pictures. I went with him Monday morning and hiked around some picturesque areas and bathed in a waterfall before departing town (popped by the Casino on the way home when it was 1/3rd as busy and won myself a whopping $20 at Roulette!).  Link to Pictures will follow