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Friday, March 11, 2005

Poor Jetsgo + Charity Receptions

Poor jetsgo went 'Tits-Up' as Dave Walters would say. Leaving passengers stranded and not providing refunds to anyone.

I even had to call American Express to have a Jetsgo charge reversed (from a supplementary cardholders account), which they were doing as a matter of customer service just like Visa and Mastercard..

In other news, tonight Cobblebrook Manor hosts the First Annual Cobblebrook Consortium Charity Reception. (which started as a farce of an event which was created so that someone could get out of another undesirable event. "Oh I can't I have a charity reception to go to", without it being a lie!)

Too bad about me starting my Atkins diet again cause the Consortium bought all kinds of Hors'doeuvres :( :( :(... Maybe I'll hide them away and save them for when I'm off my diet (On the 23rd (or 17th)).

Monday, March 07, 2005

Another busy Weekend

It feels like December! (With weekends being busy)

Dave moved this past Friday to Toronto, I wasn't able to help (but wasn't specifically requested). I would have declined doing any strenuous work due to recent back issues anyway... I had din din with my 'mummers' on Friday, as well attended Cookin in the Cookery at the Grand with Vicki. It wasn't too horrible. Jake, Kyle and Erin showed up (drunk (except Erin)) to the reception afterwards.
Kyle made somewhat of a scene, but that was to be expected with his level of drunkenness..

Saturday I attended a Service-Dogs-For-The-Autistic Gala with Vicki in Lambeth. I ate many hor'deouves, and played lots of charity poker (where the proceeds could be used to enter draws for free stuff). Then to Adam/Trish's where more poker was being played, I left early due to a lack of entertainment for the non-poker player.

Sunday, played World of Warcraft and watched some of 24, Season 3. It's quite good, just like every other season of 24.!