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Friday, June 03, 2005

Fire strikes a portion of my father's building, rendering his unlivable

A tragedy has occured, a unit adjacent to my father's apartment caught fire this past weekend (333 Simcoe St, in London Ontario). According to the newspaper article the cause of the fire was unknown. (Article)

According to reports I heard first-hand from undisclosed sources it was ARSON!!!. Apparently the person who rents the unit was in jail, and his girlfriend was staying there. The girlfriend was reported to have several different male visitors coming and going at all hours of the day and night. Apparently one of her suitors wasn't too pleased with her and set the place ablaze.

The real tragedy from my point of view is the fact that my father didn't have contents insurance and the smoke damage to the unit was catastrophic, due to his door being left wide open by the escaping guests that were staying in his place. They got out unscathed, as did everyone else that lives in the big old house that caught fire. There were approximately 6 apartments that shared the house -- 2 on each floor of the 3 story house.

The sources of some of the information contained in this article cannot be confirmed and shouldn't be cited as gospel

Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Pearl Jam Update

I woke up bright and early (at 9:15am) this past weekend on Saturday to get Pearl Jam tickets. I had Kyle, Dave, Byron, Sharon, Vicki, and Erin on the task. Only Kyle, myself and Dave were successful in getting tickets for AndrewBank. I created a council to handle the ticket and seating issues that might arise, I didn't think anyone would mind, even those that got tickets that were outside of AndrewBank's financial grasp -- since their seats were the worst of the lot. Tickets managed to come to ~$70 after fees and taxes (Damn you TicketMaster and your monopoly!). We bought in blocks of 4 to try to get slightly better seats than the maximum 6 tickets would get us, and since there was so many people trying to get tickets it should have all been fine, and was in the end.

As for councils, I have had a fascination with them for a long time, I'm not sure exactly why nor have time to go into it in detail. I like movies better if they have councils in them, and hate them more if they have stupid councils, like Blade the movie! How many times are they going to have a council that has stood the test of the ages only to be completely destroyed very very easily!?!?!?

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Knights Win Memorial Hockey Cup

I was a little hungover this morning (probably because I was so upset with last nights' fiasco that I forgot to drink much water before bed)... But headed out to Scotts to watch the game.. It was a snoozer since Rimouski didn't score any goals. I headed to the downtown area when there was 5mins left in the game to be at the epicentre of the chaos at the JLC with Vicki. We stayed downtown (mostly on Richmond Street) amongst the honking and waving and high-fiving for over 2 hours.. It's not very often that there's a massive celebration and street closings in downtown london, the last one this this magnitude was when Canada won the gold in womens and mens hockey. Ran into Greg and Brad Gorman along with Hunter, saw them a few times, I had to put my four-ways on and abandon my car in a turning lane at one point to run after Hunter who had stolen by Knights flag that I was waving.. I retrived it.. Byron, Sharon, Bryan and Craig we saw on the strip too...

Kicked out of Jacks Bar 539 Richmond Street , London Ontario

An outrage occured this evening. I was at Jack's bar. (539 Richmond Street)

I was on the second level bathroom of Jack’s Bar which is located at 539 Richmond Street, London Ontario around 12:55pm on Sunday May 29 2005 (Saturday Night). I was in a bathroom stall and I heard what I thought was someone asking incessantly if I was done. I came out of the stall in a rage to confront the impatient soul, but it turned out it was a bouncer who worked for the Jack’s. He informed me that he was addressing the person in the next stall and then proceeded to look over the top of the stall to watch what the person was doing. As I witnessed this first hand I informed them that watching someone ‘going to the bathroom’ wasn't exactly legal. I was promptly kicked out of the bar even though I insisted on speaking to the manager. The London Police happened to be outside of the door (Constables O'Riley and Daley). They informed me that I was drunk and had no recourse. I then said that I'd be recording their names into my cell phone voice memo recorder to later report this incident and they ACTUALLY THREATHENED TO ARREST ME FOR DOING THIS!!! (They claimed that they would officially arrest me for being drunk in public). I recorded the officers names into my phone anyways as O'Riley and Daley as soon as they were out of earshot, I later called the London police to ask the proper spelling of their names.. They informed me of them, and when I asked for the first name, they said "constable will do". After I asked again for their first name wondering if they were the only ones bearing that surname they hung up on me.

I wasn't able to catch up with Bryan, Craig & Kayla after I was kicked out due to my cell phone batterying dying while I was explaining to Kayla that I was kicked out.

Next time I should probably mind my own business I guess...