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Friday, June 03, 2005

Fire strikes a portion of my father's building, rendering his unlivable

A tragedy has occured, a unit adjacent to my father's apartment caught fire this past weekend (333 Simcoe St, in London Ontario). According to the newspaper article the cause of the fire was unknown. (Article)

According to reports I heard first-hand from undisclosed sources it was ARSON!!!. Apparently the person who rents the unit was in jail, and his girlfriend was staying there. The girlfriend was reported to have several different male visitors coming and going at all hours of the day and night. Apparently one of her suitors wasn't too pleased with her and set the place ablaze.

The real tragedy from my point of view is the fact that my father didn't have contents insurance and the smoke damage to the unit was catastrophic, due to his door being left wide open by the escaping guests that were staying in his place. They got out unscathed, as did everyone else that lives in the big old house that caught fire. There were approximately 6 apartments that shared the house -- 2 on each floor of the 3 story house.

The sources of some of the information contained in this article cannot be confirmed and shouldn't be cited as gospel


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