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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Knights Win Memorial Hockey Cup

I was a little hungover this morning (probably because I was so upset with last nights' fiasco that I forgot to drink much water before bed)... But headed out to Scotts to watch the game.. It was a snoozer since Rimouski didn't score any goals. I headed to the downtown area when there was 5mins left in the game to be at the epicentre of the chaos at the JLC with Vicki. We stayed downtown (mostly on Richmond Street) amongst the honking and waving and high-fiving for over 2 hours.. It's not very often that there's a massive celebration and street closings in downtown london, the last one this this magnitude was when Canada won the gold in womens and mens hockey. Ran into Greg and Brad Gorman along with Hunter, saw them a few times, I had to put my four-ways on and abandon my car in a turning lane at one point to run after Hunter who had stolen by Knights flag that I was waving.. I retrived it.. Byron, Sharon, Bryan and Craig we saw on the strip too...


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