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Monday, May 09, 2005


It was a busy weekend for me, Sean's final farewell was on Friday, as well as Kyle's birthday party in Strathroy, I didn't drink for either of these occasions because I was hungover quite severely from a reception at the Museum for it's 25th anniversary on Thursday. Somehow I managed not to eat anything that day except for hors d'oeuvres at the event..

Sean's departure to Manila for 4 months will be a hole in the fabric of GD-London, as he was a big organizer of things-to-do, etc.

Saturday was the much anticipated KEMF 10. It was slightly more subdued than previous KEMFs with people leaving earlier and going to bed earlier too, but still a great time! (Pictures, Pictures2)

You can download the music from KEMF X at

Sunday was mother's day, I got fatter at the Mandarin in celebration.

Speaking of Manila, I have tentative plans to make it this year's vacation destination.. It's all dependent on a travel-grant from an unspecified source and whether or not the flight is outrageously priced. Currently it's $2000, I'm not paying a dime over $1650 for a flight there! Also Kayla would be my travel companion this year.


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