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Monday, April 04, 2005

Farewell Pope

The Pope died yesterday (Saturday). I was near Mount Brydges at 2:53pm Eastern when he died, he was the Pope for my entire life until Saturday. I wasn't sad like so many others were, but I recogniz the tragedy of it all for others...

Bought some blinds and curtains FINALLY for Cobblebrook's livingroom on the weekend, the girl at Bouclair was moderately helpful, and my Mom and pseudo-step father put them up...

Mark Pfeiffer turned 35 this weekend too, went to The Scot's Corner and The Honest Lawyer (where it was Salsa night!), I tore up the dance floor with Erin, Julie McDonald, Sharon and Vicki. The girls met us there, who were dressed to the nines for a post baby shower for Trish. Amanda mysteriously disappeared as the night went on, withdrawing to the safety of home.


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