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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Pearl Jam Update

I woke up bright and early (at 9:15am) this past weekend on Saturday to get Pearl Jam tickets. I had Kyle, Dave, Byron, Sharon, Vicki, and Erin on the task. Only Kyle, myself and Dave were successful in getting tickets for AndrewBank. I created a council to handle the ticket and seating issues that might arise, I didn't think anyone would mind, even those that got tickets that were outside of AndrewBank's financial grasp -- since their seats were the worst of the lot. Tickets managed to come to ~$70 after fees and taxes (Damn you TicketMaster and your monopoly!). We bought in blocks of 4 to try to get slightly better seats than the maximum 6 tickets would get us, and since there was so many people trying to get tickets it should have all been fine, and was in the end.

As for councils, I have had a fascination with them for a long time, I'm not sure exactly why nor have time to go into it in detail. I like movies better if they have councils in them, and hate them more if they have stupid councils, like Blade the movie! How many times are they going to have a council that has stood the test of the ages only to be completely destroyed very very easily!?!?!?


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