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Friday, October 31, 2003

ROGERS CABLE has infururiated me. They claim I wouldn't even have been eligible for Vacation mode even if I had called! I had to restrain myself from swearing on the phone to the supervisor who told me this! (I wouldn't have qualified because you have to have $0 apparently! (The bill wasn't due yet!!!!!))

If only I could switch away from these jackasses!!!!!!!!!! BUT ALAS! They have me by the "hair".

Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Returned from Vegas last night @ around 12:30am (Wed morning)... It was a fun trip. Brent didn't end up going so I had to play more Texas Hold'em than I would have otherwise played... Ate far too many buffets (6). I ended up down approximately 60US from gambling, (I won $60 just before checking out on the last day @ roulette). Most of my gambling losses were from poker (@ The Mirage), the rest Craps and Roulette..

I only got drunk once too, I was very proud of myself. It's harder than some might think to keep getting free alchohol.

Took a convertable trip to Mesquite Nevada, 1 hour away from Vegas with Jake and Kyle for a poker tourney (that Kyle played (and ended up 20th out of 75th (pretty good)), it was a snore-fest for me, since I wasn't up for playing the higher limit poker they had going there and the casino (The Oasis) was a dump!). The rest of our group went to Hoover Dam for the afternoon, I should have went there, but I left it to the last minute and wasn't sure where to get tickets for it (in time to still make the tour).

Always happy to return to Vegas, anytime people are going.!