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Thursday, June 03, 2004

It's been a slightly less eventful week than normal. Due in part to several people taking motorcycle lessons. (Jake, Sheila, Erin, Sean).

I've got to get a new cell phone! I've had this crapper for longer than I can remember (perhaps a year). And it's time to get at least a colour flip phone. Then when I'm done with that maybe the camera phones won't be so wretched, like they are now! Who wants to take a picture that you can BARELY make out?? Not me!

Not on my watch!

Incidentally (or not at all), I've reached 46% of my gmail storage space (460Megs!). I just forwarded all of my old emails there (from around 2000-2001) to be immortalized.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

After reminiscing with Amanda on the issue, I've decided to start the Mystery Restaurant Tour back up. Amanda chose Blue Ginger as the first location. There was some concern that it's too expensive, but I think the Grand Resurrection of The Mystery Restaurant Tour should be in the least at a semi-"special" location.

I created a Mystery Restaurant Tour Council to approve locations and dates (so when there's a failure it's absorbed by a council instead of just me).

Monday, May 31, 2004

Weekend Over.

Meant to get my taxes done, maybe next weekend. (I'm only 1 month late)

I think I had a lucid dream last night. I realized it was a dream and created characters that appeared at my will. I don't quite recall the whole thing, but I remember waking myself up at 3am because it was too intense (or something) and was out of control. I've only had one dream before where I realized it was a dream and moved to control it, but I squander the time that I had (by creating a limo to take me to some fantastic destination, but I woke up before I got there, so now I'll never know how fantastic it would have been).