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Friday, July 18, 2003

The great Quiznos binge may be coming to an end soon :(. according to reports, these coupons are for a US promotion, although they don't specify that, some stores are not accepting them (ie Waterloo, ON).

It's Friday. There's 2 keg parties happening this Saturday, I'm sure I'll attend at least one.

Thursday, July 17, 2003

It's Thursday. Almost the weekend.

I just got back from my 6th meal in a row at Quiznos. Last last week Kyle Simpson emailed me a quiznos coupon for a free small sub (when you purchased a bag of chips and regular drink.) Total comes to $2.40 (for a possibly $9.46 meal). So I've been trying to go every meal since the printable coupons expire at the end of July... I forwarded it to the group in an effort to get everyone in on this magnificent deal, so far only a few people have gone for it.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Went to Mark Waters' stag and doe in Strathroy on friday. He's marrying someone named Jenn. Left that early to get to a party at Sean's, drank, played games, got Craig to drive me home, since he was spending the night...

Went, on Saturday to The World Jousting Championships at the JLC were about as exciting as a London Knight's hockey game. (Which isn't all that exciting as far as I'm concerned), then back to Sean's for more drinking and game playing..

Sunday: <>

I was horrified on Friday about the Montreal woman who was beaten into a coma in Iran, I wrote my new MP (Joe Fontana) to express my outrage, and demand that something be done (although I wasn't sure what)... And I was just starting to have a good repore with my old MP, Rose-Marie UR (Since my official residency has been Mount Brydges up until May).