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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Elgin Poker Classic

I was supposed to go to the Elgin poker classic this weekend at the Quai du Vin Estate Winery, I paid a $5 fee to reserve my seat.. But that was before I knew it was the long weekend. I was unable to make it due to a birthday appearance and other things. Kyle Simpson told me about this, and it turns out that there were 32 no shows, and Kyle and me and the people he invited consisted of 22% of the no-shows, haha (7 people).


The weekend was full of excitement, Ribfest was on. I worked my usual Thursday shift serving beer at the beer tent with the rest of the Wood Gundy volunteers. I was a smidge late this year though, arriving an hour before close at 11pm...

Friday went out for a night on the town with Scott, Vicki, Kayla and Sharon. I actually danced, which means I have to be pretty drunk (or something). We were at the thorny devil for the bulk of our 'night on the town'. Prior to that I popped over to Scott and Amanda's and sampled some competing ribs made by Amanda. They were delicious. We originally tried to go to the rib fest to do some drinking, but the beer tent closed when we got there at 11pm! We bought tickets and everything and no one said a word about the beer tents hours... Luckily they were refundable.

Saturday I can't remember what I did.

Sunday went to feed my mom's fish and play one last bingo session at the closing Strathroy Bingo Country. I've only played bingo there once before years earlier.. I was there as Tina (friend and a manager of the bingo hall) mentioned that they were giving away $13000 at 4:30, so I couldn't refuse playing in that game! Then visited Jamie, he doesn't probably get much visitors out in Strathroy (of all places), then to Bryan's family BBQ. I made it look like I was just in the area and was pretending to be surprised to be invited to the dinner table (even though Adam had invited me prior due to me being in the area). Home made dinners (with Steak and corn off the cob) are always delicious!! Then back to London for some pre-drinking at Byron/Sharon's in preparation for a concert at the Balloon festival (since it was to cost $25 to get into the beer tent), luckily they lowered the price to free for one beer tent and to $10 for admittance to the stage tent. I didn't really listen to the music that was playing, perhaps due to my level of inebriation?

Monday was recovery day.. Didn't do a whole lot.

Bike Stolen

Welp I'm about to be on to my 5th (I think) bicycle since I moved to london (5 years ago). This time I'm going to make sure to buy it on my mastercard, and hopefully have it stolen within 3 months so I don't have to eat the loss myself! I was coming back from the Rib Fest with a Banana split in my hand, after lunch, so I decided not to park my bike in the underground lot as usual (lest I fall off my bike on the way down the ramp and spill my delicious banana boat all over the place). So I parked right outside of the DUAL revolving doors of One London Place (the tallest and most prestigious office building in this 1 horse town) and tied it around a tree. Five hours later when I went to go home it was gone, security didn't see anything, and I walked home. A sting operation was talked about amongst some friends, but I think that would be a lost cause.