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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bike Stolen

Welp I'm about to be on to my 5th (I think) bicycle since I moved to london (5 years ago). This time I'm going to make sure to buy it on my mastercard, and hopefully have it stolen within 3 months so I don't have to eat the loss myself! I was coming back from the Rib Fest with a Banana split in my hand, after lunch, so I decided not to park my bike in the underground lot as usual (lest I fall off my bike on the way down the ramp and spill my delicious banana boat all over the place). So I parked right outside of the DUAL revolving doors of One London Place (the tallest and most prestigious office building in this 1 horse town) and tied it around a tree. Five hours later when I went to go home it was gone, security didn't see anything, and I walked home. A sting operation was talked about amongst some friends, but I think that would be a lost cause.


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