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Sunday, July 10, 2005

Yachting Excursion

I was supposed to head out to Erin's parents condo at the Bridgeview Marina in Point Edward on Friday night, however my back pain prevented that, but since I went to bed so so early I was able to head out early at 7:45am when my back was fine. It was a beautiful day in Sarnia, with the lake breeze and all. A perfect day to head out into Lake Huron on Tim and Wendy's (Erin's Parents) yacht. I love water, boats, yachts, tubing, rivers and condos on the water, so it was a hoot. I got a little too much sun, and was dead tired when I got home from swimming and riding tubes trailing behide the yacht.
We were out there watching Erin's cousins' sailing race. He placed first twice and third once, a great job. Usually the snooty brats from the Royal Canadian Yacht Club always win these, so it taught them some sort of lesson!

Went to boring sunfest back in London later that evening, and called it a night early since I was so tired. Vicki and Sharon somehow managed to get 'right hammered' Sat night.


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