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Monday, July 04, 2005

GD Poker Tour

Sunday was the first installment of the Group Dynamic Poker Tour (GDPT). Modeled after the World Poker Tour (WPT). This series of events is being taped by Craig Rice with a digital high definition camera. Wavers had to be signed and lights had to be set up. It will be overlayed with commentary and card displays of the final table action.

I somehow managed to get first place out of about 20 people. And I was loopy during most of it due to medication I took for some severe back pain I was experiencing. I suspect that I would not have won if I wasn't all hopped up on painkillers. I was also hung-over from KEMF the day before, but I couldn't really tell due to my searing back pain, it was only when it was gone that the nausea shone through. I was a little nervous at the end table, after my makeup was wearing off and knowing that my every move was being taped and would later to be watched, along with what cards I had. I hate watching myself on tape, so it should be an embarrasing time when it's finished.


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