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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Bye bye 6 months of photo archive!!!! >:(

I was PISSED last night to discover that an administrator (Jay Gomes) at my hosting provider (, deleted my entire account and 6 months of group photos along with it. The reason behind this deletion is not apparent to me. I've helped these people out with system issues for years now, and received no payment for my time. I was one of the main administrators of their server at one point...

I guess it just goes to show how some people can pretend to be decent and string you along when it's beneficial to them and then turn on you and betray you without notice. (although I don't see the benefit in deleting my account). If anything it is a dangerous thing for them to do. As an administrator I have sweeping access to the system still and they apparently don't know how to discontinue my access (or know that I still have access).. When backstabbing someone, one really should make sure they're not totally vulnerable to retaliation!

Luckily I'm not too angry at Wayne Robinson, the actual owner of the system. He hasn't requested that I cease my access to his system but seemed really indifferent when I alerted him to Jay's treachery, which made me more angry.


  • At 10:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Get em Andy!

    Rule #1 in all businesses today should be:

    Don't fuck with your Admins!



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