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Friday, August 06, 2004

Stanley Cup!

A milestone has occurred such that im writing this entry from my cell. I touched lord stanleys cup! in stratford with mark.

That's what I wrote from Molly Bloom's as a cell phone text email. Mark and I had gone to Stratford to see a performance of the Stone Angels (formerly Martin & Michaels, formerly Journey by 2) Anj & Gloria's band duo. Anj's father came in shortly after we arrived and was excitedly talking about the Stanley cup being across the street at Falstaff's Bar & Restaurant, so we abandoned our drinks and chairs and rushed across the street before it was gone to grope it. Tim Taylor had the cup for his 40 hours and was apparently up to visit his hometown/parents in Stratford. Reportedly he was approaching the end of his 40 hour stint and was drunk and finding it hard to stay awake. The keeper of the cup was there too I think. (Might have been this MIKE BOLT guy) --APM (Updated entry @ 2:15am Saturday Morn)


KEMF 9 is tomorrow at the old McKeen Ranch. It should be similarily fun as last KEMF, there's a $5 entry fee. My diet will restrict what I'm able to drink, so I'll just bring a bottle of Vodka, and substitute that for my supper :)

Sunday is my father's birthday.

Thursday, August 05, 2004

Saw the Bourne Supremacy tonight with Sheila/Sean/Trish (Review)


AndrewCasino has had it's first trial run tonight at Sean's. In a risky move, I agreed to be the house in a game of BlackJack. Originally I was down quite a bit, but Jake brought me out of the red and barely into the black as the dealer. (Winning more from the house than anyone else while he was a player).

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Strangest news artice of the day: Hail of stones follow woman

There's an article on the Globe & Mail today about fake weblogs... And I thought I was the only one! (haha).

(Article) (Edward W's Blog)

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

A short work week for most of us Canadians this week. This week I have the task of trying to project a balanced budget for myself for the upcoming months after July's endless spend-a-thon. (Cottage,Niagara Falls,Atkins,booze)

M. Night Shyamalan's The Village

Saw The Village last night (at 10pm) with Sean & Sheila. Here's my review.

Sunday, August 01, 2004

I hate computers!!!!!!!!!
My 3rd harddrive of a 12 month period failed today (or yesterday while I was in Niagara Falls) -- always seems to happen while I'm away!!!!

Hopefully I'll get a nice new 80G to replace the failed 20G, but it may be past it's warrenty. Good thing nothing on this particular harddrive was more than a year old.. I lost all my sent emails (incoming emails are archived on gmail for ALL TIME), and I'm not sure what else of importance was on there that was lost.

Niagara Falls

Returned from Niagara Falls on Saturday... Drove there since there was nothing else going on, and I hadn't been there in a while, or seen the falls since I was but a babe.

I forgot how happening Clifton Hill was, endless amounts of youngsters (sub 30) as far as the eye could see, and beating basses and cool cars. I went with Vicki, originally Jake was going too, but flipped a coin and opted out due to the coin results. We met Byron and Sharon there at the brand new Fallsview Casino & Resort, it's quite the eye candy! Like a Vegas Casino... The closest thing we have to that likely in Canada. We took a free shuttle to the crappy old Casino Niagara just to get to the popular Clifton Hills area. While there we went to a haunted house called Screamers, Sharon and Vicki were scared like little girls. We also went to the Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum.
We had a buffet at the Fallsview Casino, it was quite good, and very nice.
The trip was quite fun overall, the only sour part was waiting forever for the shuttle to get back to the nice casino.. It was HELL!