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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cruises are great!

I've said to others and myself over and over since the end of the cruise to Cozumel that "I'm done with resorts". Certainly that's not necessarily the case, but the cruise was so much up my alley that I can't see returning to a resort unless someone else set up the trip.

I'm a little biased in that I love boats, booze, food, water, wave crashing, 5-star hotels, pomp, nautical protocol... But still!

People asked me my favorite activity on the cruise, but I don't actually know what that was. There's like 5 things tied for favorite -- one of which was the excursion, off-road Jeep Rhino driving and snorkeling that we did in Cozumel. I think that the next cruise I take I may be disappointed in, as this cruise was aboard the Navigator of the Seas, by Royal Caribbean. I could only go up to RC's larger ships, and I think there's just 1 that is noticeably larger...


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