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Monday, October 29, 2007

A BMW always adds excitment to a weekend.

I don't write in my blog very often anymore, as everything I do has become status-quo and not newsworthy. This weekend was a different story...

Anchoring the excitement of the weekend was my winning bid in a United Way (StairClimb) charity silent auction for a 2008 BMW 5-series. It was a friend's birthday in Toronto (the big 3-0), so it was the perfect weekend to have a luxury car. Over the course of the weekend, debauchery was had, a riot was viewed and the car went through a lot. I managed to spend 12 hours in this car from Friday after work to Sunday night when I dropped it off. I exceeded its 500km max by 200km's, 19 different people rode in it, 6 of which drove it, several stranger's buttocks and one person's unmentionable part(s) were pressed up against the car. Tip: Don't drive $66,000 cars to the edge of a drunken Hallowe'en street riot on Richmond Street (15 cruisers managed to quell the fray).

This was one of the most, if not the most, interesting weekend(s) I've ever had in the autumn. Luckily I won't be too depressed by the departure of the beemer, as the weekend was rife with so much more action.


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