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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Rest in peace Lillian Doyle.

A tragedy has occurred, right here in my own family. I was awoken 1:30am by my Mother and informed that my Grandmother, Lillian Doyle, 89, had passed away (reportedly) in her sleep at Victoria Hospital here in London around 12:30am in the morning May 2nd 2007. Wife of the late Alvin Doyle, mother of Joy Moffit, Judy Julian, Mary-Jane Barth and Gary Doyle. Grand-mother of myself, my brother Ryan Moffit, and the late Christopher Julian

I visited her this past Sunday with my Mom in the hospital, and she was said to have been doing better than before. She didn't like the hospital food and was excited when I offered to get her a treat from Tim Hortons (which she ended up not liking).

As my Granny slowly aged, I didn't consider, until recently that her time here might be coming to an end. Her degradation occurred at an alarming rate from my point of view after she had to move out of her long time home in Watford. One day she was driving to places hours and hours away, and the next she was having to get rid of her car and get a walker, and have her meals brought up to her at her retirement home, The Granite House.

I was not ready for her to depart, and was living in a fantasy world where she was 85 and independent. I didn't visit her enough at her residence in London for how close I lived -- a point I very much regret.

She will be missed by her family and friends.

Online Tribute: Harper Funeral Home Tribute


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