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Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Holidays are here

It's that time of year again.. Christmas! Although it didn't seem like it around here until the most snow dumped on London (in such a short period of time) since the winter of my birth! The snow started falling at my company's Christmas party (which was hoot). I first noticed it while seeing a colleague home to their domicile. The checker driver, who was very unhappy with us as passengers, was sliding somewhat around the roads. He was unhappy due to the over-refreshed state that my colleague was in.. The night was coming to a close when I returned. The next day I was hosting a small drinking session with Kayla, Joel & Kim. We were heading out to the bars a little later on when we noticed that the car was stuck in the driveway.. So downtown on foot we went.. We had to walk on the road as they were the only passable areas.. We helped someone who was stuck, and then hitched a ride with someone else who dropped us off right downtown.. Nothing was open, and then someone reported Crabby Joes was... (boo).. So we ended up there. 3 people were staffing the place, the acting manager, a waitress and a cook.. The snow continued to fall, and I waited on hold for ~30 mins with Checker before giving up and starting the trek back home.. The girls managed to flag down another single guy to pick us up and chauffeur us near to my house. All and all a good few nights, and nothing beats an exciting snowfall...


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