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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dianne Haskett gets booed

Dianne Haskett received a proper booing at the London City Press Club last night at the all candidates meeting for the bi-election taking place in London North-Centre. It was her that answered the first question, and she had the nerve to bring up that she was the only one who lived in the riding (being as she had just returned from her Washington stint). The place was packed to the 'hilt', which was quite a contrast to the municiple all-candidates debates held there.. I thought Elizabeth May, leader of the Green party, answered the questions the best -- she certainly received the most appause from the audience.

Rick Mercer arrived just before the event started, walked right through a crowd of people to the very darkest corner of the room and hung out there for the duration. He had a gentleman caller with him (possibly Gerald Lunz, his producer). I passed him while walking to my car at the end of the event, and it seemed that he didn't know where he was going and seemed to wander aimlessly about the streets (literally on the streets) with his associate. I shook his hand briefly at the press club, reminding him that I met him at the Convention Centre for my office's semi-annual client event. He has a sarcastic write-up about Dianne Haskett on his blog.


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