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Monday, July 10, 2006

Cedar Point Ho

My spending spree continues.. I've just returned yesterday from a weekend trip to Cedar Point with Kayla. It was quite fun, although the waiting in lines for hours at Cedar Point wasn't the hi-light of the trip.. I'm always overly excited to go to amusement parks until I remember about all the line ups that completely marr the amusement of these parks...

One of the interstates was closed so we were forced to improvise, being such a superb navigator I was able to reroute without a map. (Maps are for girls!) We arrived our first night at the South Shore Inn in Sandusky, not a pleasant place if you dislike reaking rooms and dirty mattresses/box-springs... Here's my Review

Fun was had that evening at a TGI Friday's, where I had a most delicious meal and very delicious drinks (the fun kind of drinks). I was later told upon my return home that TGI Fridays is of the same quality as Kelseys, but I tend to disagree.. Somehow they always have better food in the US, maybe it's all that transfat?

The next day the rest of the crew arrived and we went to Cedar point.. I was half in the bag by 1pm as I found some tasty Seagrams Gin & Juice in a nearby variety store. Cedar Point was hot and lengthy and by 8pm I was glad to sit down on the shuttlebus back to the hotel (which we had checked out of).. We then proceeded to where everyone else was staying at Stane's Courtyard Marriott. It was a little over an hour away, but was cheaper than our hotel at South Shore, and the room was actually perfectly clean and with free internet access too!(I had my laptop). (tripadvisor review).

A few of us had some or lots of refreshments and ordered a pizza 5 minutes before the store closed at 11pm, so they were none too happy. The rest of the group except Kayla and I had to get up early and get back to the park, so we weren't done partying yet, and maybe were a little to party'ey for some of the others who were trying to sleep (I blame Kayla). We slept in until 1:30pm but got up for an hour long buffet session at close to 11am. We managed to extend our check out time from 11am until 3pm (since they were so dead).. I ate way too much at the buffet, but it was delicious!!!

Then time to head home.. We made a pit stop at the fancy Somerset Mall in Troy Michigan on our way back to the blue water bridge... This mall made me realize I don't make enough money to be shopping in the fanciest mall in all of Michigan.

Another quick pit stop at the Bob Evans on the way home completed a very fun, albeit dear trip.


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