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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Spending like I'm on holidays

Lately I've been spending money like i'm on vacation in some foreign capital.. It hasn't helped that Brent Hall was back from sunny California for a few weeks.. When other people are on vacation they want you on vacation too. The Strathroy Turkey Fest was this past weekend as well, but luckily it was relatively inexpensive due to the fact that most of us did our drinking beforehand, at various house parties in the area. There was almost a brawl between my group of friends and one other person while we were watching 54-40 and out of no-where my mom appeared to break it up.. An odd sight being held back (as I'm not a fighter), but some insinct apparently comes out when your friends are threatened, and of course people have nothing better to do in Strathroy than fight...

I managed to leave 2 open tabs at various bars this past Friday while out for a night on the town (with credit cards backing both, which I have to pick up very shortly here before they go for spending sprees on them) Another night out on the town where I managed to spend too much... I might have to start leaving my credit cards at home and take just cash.. And next weekend is the long weekend!!


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