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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Greg Smith & Kim Good's Stag and Doe

Greg and Kim are about to wed, next month in fact. Their stag and doe was good, occuring this past Saturday. I thought I might not be able to have too much fun, since I had been out on wedding related drinking business the night before, but I managed to somehow to break out my box of wine I keep in the trunk for emergencies..

I've been told over and over about how there's a stigma attached with buying boxed wine. I'm not too concerned since I just finished my first box of wine ever at that Stag and Doe (there was hardly any left, after being through 5 separate occassions). It really is good value though!! 5 1/2 bottles in a box, and for only $30! (I buy the classy wine! haha), although next time I'm out box-o-wine shopping, I think I might loosen the old purse-strings a little more.


  • At 9:05 PM, Blogger The Carrolls said…

    The resident wine somier on CBC Radio One claims that boxed wine is among the best values at the LCBO. Not only is it of the very highest quality, it stays better longer since oxydizing flavour killing air doesn't enter the bag as the wine is drawn out. You can pay more for a fancy bottle but if good wine is all you want... Well - Now you know!


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