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Monday, May 29, 2006

The Glorious Wedding of David Mott and Kimberly Jewell

I attended a wedding this past Friday of my oldest friend (from Grade 3) David Mott and his new bride Kim Jewell. The ceremony was at a quaint little chapel nearby the CPRI campus (near St. Thomas Aquinas catholic school). Everything went gloriously, except the so called 'wedding director' was a bit of a crank! She told me to put the wedding rings on my baby finger.. I ignored her crazy suggestions and kept them in the box in my hand until the minister called for me.. I was the best man, hence the reason for carrying the rings... The reception was held at the Middlesex Centre in Coldstream. I managed to get nice and refreshed long before I had to give my speech, which was a bit dull, but I understand it wasn't completely awful... Then after a school bus ride back to downtown London and a night on the town with some of the crazier attendees it was all over.... They (are) honeymooned(ing) in northern Michigan...


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