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Monday, March 27, 2006

Getting rid of cable?

More and more people these days have been getting rid of cable (or whatever their primary means of television watching is).. Recently Jake (my roommate) has also suggested this, due in part to the fact that he rarely ever watches anything live on TV. I'm in the same boat as him but am far from willing to give it up. Cable provides a sense of connectivity, even though it's only one-way. Also one expects to be able to turn on any television (3) in a residence such as ours and be able to flip through a reasonably varied selection of channels. And lets not forget the status-quo, like a nice warm blanket during a chilly night, who wants that ripped away from them when the wind is so brisk??? I don't care for change, and not being able to turn on live television would be a shocker for a while, as well as some might get the mistaken impression that financial hardship has befallen the Cobblebrook Consortium, which is certainly not the case.. There are more reasons, I'm sure, but time marches on and one must sleep. . .


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