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Saturday, January 14, 2006

An Ode to Stampy

Loxodonta Africana, is your taxonomic nomenclature,
An endothermic quadruped, herbivorous by nature.
Your social, olfactory and memorizing senses
Contribute to your longer life and natural defenses.
I find myself intrigued by your proboscis appendage,
A singular development that gives a marvelous advantage
That obviates your basic hedonistic predilection
For your massive gorging of the wood, that causes ecological destruction.
The tusks are quite essential for your marking of territory
And you would not be so prosperous if you lacked their awesome glory
And when not being utilized to aid with your foraging,
They often serve to illustrate the measure of your aging.
The air trembles with harmonics, as you chant your special song:
And the earth shudders with seismatics, as you stamp yourself along;
And though you are not alive, Stampy, and do not comprehend,
I nonetheless considered you a true and special friend.

Bye Stampy!


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