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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Windsor bound

I got off work early last Friday (to round out my first holiday day of 2006, as I came in for half a day on Jan 2nd). I headed off to Windsor on some MBA Games business, and planned to make a stop at the casino and visit some friends. I would have liked to participate in the MBA Games revelry more (even though I'm not an MBA). I had access to all the events and was acting as a pseudo-representative from London, but the scheduling was so inconvenient, and I had to leave back to London earlier than expected. I was at one of the bar outing very briefly looking for a friend, but no such luck, and then off to visit other friends for the rest of the evening.

All in all it was a fun weekend, but not having my own car is annoying. Next time I'm going to drive myself, and then I'll be able to make my own schedule.

Windsor seems so much closer to London than Toronto, maybe it's the similar size of the city that makes me still feel like I'm still 'at home'.


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