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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The case of the lost cell phone

After the wedding that happened (see previous post), we were at Barneys until nearly close. I found someone had misplaced their cell phone.. So in an attempt to return it to whomever owned it I started calling all the local numbers on this phone. I found out the person's name was Laura, but only from an incoming call that was asking for Laura. I told them I wasn't Laura and that I was trying to find them, they got cranky and hostile when I mentioned I had found the phone and wanted to know how I could have it returned... I thought I might have to turn it in to the police or something, and then, while waiting in line at Stobies someone I had previously called, but didn't know who's number I was calling from, told me where I could find Laura.. It happened to nearly be on my way home, so I stopped into this huge frat-style house, which smelled of a wacky variety of tobacco, and tried to find Laura.. The first person I went to ask Laura if she lost her phone, but nope.. Then he later remember there was another Laura, so I followed him through the house, where there were people of varying degrees of intoxication everywhere, all awake at 3:30am until we arrived at the kitchen. There was Laura, who didn't think she had lost her phone, but she did upon inspecting it.. She exclaimed about how random such an event was (I think she meant rare), that a fully suited gentleman with a white rose boutonniere fastened to his lapel would show up in a kitchen of a house in which she didn't live with her cell phone that she didn't know she lost..

I know the pain of a lost cell phone, and wouldn't want anyone else to endure such a thing.


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