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Friday, October 20, 2006

Good God

Normally I don't write blog entries about my drunken escapades, but this one was a doozie. Wednesday night I attended the Junior Achievement Business Hall of Fame gala at the convention centre along with my friend Jake and Kim, a friend from work. It was a posh affair with caviar on salmon pate for an appetizer etc etc. I didn't make too much of a fool out of myself until I was pouring Jake a glass of wine.. Something caught my attention, and it went all over the table (and part of his suit). Whoops! Well anyway, the story ends with me getting home at 8:30am and being late for an appointment I had booked. My back was killing me, and I had a skinned knee and elbow, and my suit looked like I'd been thrown in a muddy ditch from a speeding train.. I had to let my back recover for a while, so I was a smidge late for work. (Noonish). Highlights of the evening include loosing my glasses somewhere on the premises at the Delta Armouries, almost getting kicked out of Scots corner for one of our party members breaking a bottle of wine (Joel) in the basement bathroom, and being refused service at the Honest Lawyer due to being too intoxicated. All in all a night to remember (from what I can remember of it). Certain details of this evening are censored from this forum for privacy reasons...


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