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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Civic Long Weekend

The long weekend was filled with adventure. Went to the Ribfest, Balloon Fest (Sloan) and then to Sarnia for a yachting excursion..

Boating out in the lake is one of my favorite things to do, especially when it's on a big boat with all the amenities.. A wireless network even extended out into the lake for a few kilometers (from the Sarnia Yacht Club)... Don't ask me why I had my laptop on this excursion to be able to determine that though... It was only a 3 hour tour, we headed out to the wreck of the Sweetheart for a little snorkeling, swimming, drinking in 30 feet of lake water, and such.. I was a little sad to hear we were heading in, but that all disappeared when I got to captain the ship back into the marina (I handed over the helm once we were approaching the marina docks, as I wouldn't have felt comfortable avoiding other peoples' expensive boats (nor do I think the true captain would have either), especially with a gin and tonic (or 2) under my belt.


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