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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Boozefest 2006

I hosted the 4th annual "Boozefest" this past Saturday for all the December birthdays of our group of friends. This was the first year that less than half of us Dec. birthday people were able to make it and the 2nd year it's been a keggar. Many of the Dec. birthday people were abroad/out of country/out of town.. Not too much got wrecked; there's a new gouge in the wall, a couch is missing a leg, someone broke their toe, someone stole the oversized beer picture, the kitchen is coated in beer, a coat rack which was previously standing is in 3 unrepairable parts, and a few new marks on the rug.. All in all a successful party.. The next one is The Christmas Cartoon Festival on Dec 16th, which doubles as the group's Christmas party.. It should also be a hoot.


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