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Monday, June 25, 2007

Long time, no blog

I haven't posted to this thing for a while. Must be one of my lulls.. Just got over a busy little weekend (counting Thursday night too). It was turkey fest in Strathroy, which doubles as a reunion for all kinds of people who return just for this event. One of my close friends was back for a visit from the US. I had a wedding that night as well, so I was heading straight to the Waters' mansion pre-turkey-fest-party from the wedding (via the closest thing to a limo service that Strathroy has to offer), so I was much farther on my way in terms of being refreshed than the rest of the revelers -- which didn't always mesh well.. As the night worn on, I was starting to wear out and lost all concept of time and proper decency (since I started partying at 1pm). Ended up at the Derby (a infamous Strathroy bar) after an incident-laden trip to the park for the Turkey Festival itself. A friend drove me home to my visiting US friend's parents' house -- I also rescued another friend from the bowels of the filthy bathroom, and whisked him away to the safety of the country-esque estate.


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