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Monday, January 28, 2008

Jamaica (Mon)

Jamaica was a great time, the resort was the best (all around) of the 4 all-inclusive resorts I've been to. The food was notably better than anywhere else I've been, although food from home is always appreciated upon my return. Our friends from Toronto were married mid-week in a gazebo at the resort overlooking the ocean. It was a beautiful setting, and wedding.

Activities off the resort included a trip to Dolphin Cove, where many friends swam with the dolphins. This particular dolphin setup was much better than the one I actually participated in in Cuba. These dolphins here appeared to be well treated and pleased with their life of servitude. The rest of us watched while the others swam, and then did some snorkeling, kayaking, touched some sting-rays sans barbs. Part of this trip-package was to the Dunn's River Falls, which I found to be the best part -- actually getting to climb up the falls from the beach to the top.. It was a bit treacherous, but a seasoned mountain climber such as myself had no issue :)

The rest of the time was spent drinking, eating, sunning, swimming and laughing with a few trips into the town at the entrance to the resort. This town was geared to cater to the cruise ships that docked almost daily just a short distance away. I had a whopper at the Burger King there, it was like a taste of home. I managed to spill out a few karaoke tunes (much to everyone's dismay) at one of the bars back at the resort.

The trip home was a bit rough, with 17 hours of travel to get from resort door to home door. Everyone else but me and my travel/room companion were left behind in Jamaica, as their flight was canceled. They did get to stay at the very luxurious Ritz Carlton Rose Hall, Montego Bay for the night. (I actually wish I was left behind). Although at the time of this writing, it doesn't look like they'll make it back to Canada until tomorrow afternoon -- staying then at the Philadelphia Ritz, I guess.

Next stop: cruise to Cozumel.


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