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Thursday, May 13, 2004

It's been a boring week around home, since roommates Adam & Trish are in Florida (Disney World) honeymooning. They'll return to a clean house with a different couch in the living room.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Beginning of the work week :(

KEMF 8 is to take place this weekend. Chris Smith and Anastasia are to be returning. Brent Hall has departed the London region today, back to Santa Barbara. He was back for the Glorius Wedding of Adam Rice and Trisha Underhill that took place this weekend.

Adam & Trisha's wedding was a hit (I believe). I drank a smidge too much wine, but I wasn't the drunkest there I wouldn't think.. I didn't even have a hangover the next day! (My strict regiment of water before bed and after waking up may have helped that).

I actually made a speech. I wasn't necessarily going to, and I was going to say something completely different back before the wedding when I was thinking of what speech to say.. The wine helped with my public speaking (and with my preparation)..