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Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Haven't written anything in this thing lately..

Just got back from Vegas (technically this morning at 3am).. Went straight back to work.. Needed a little more time to return to reality. This trip to Vegas, my 4th, I spent the most money -- but also had the best time. Mind you I could have had the same time at half the price, ie if I just stuck to the penny slots instead of marching into the Wynn poker room and sitting for hours. Half of our group stayed at Bally's and the other half at the Wynn which caused some logistics issues due to the $9 cab ride distance they are apart from each other. I caused a few scene's; one involving dropping a glass in front of a casino entrance, one where a taxi wouldn't break a $100 (which was my only means of covering the trip), and another in front of the Wynn's nightclub entrance. Apparently I can't drink scotch on the rocks from Noon until past midnight... Who knew?

Highlights of the trip include: Dinner and patio action at the Rio's 50th floor restaurant and outdoor patio, the Wynn's amazing views of the surrounding area (especially from the 60th floor), Jet nightclub, and 2 other situations which may be events, activities, incidents, arrests, rendezvous, clubs, trips, shows, and/or occasions that fall under the 'what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' cliche.

Most exciting vacation ever!


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