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Monday, August 04, 2008

Civic Long Weekend Yachting Weekend

I headed out to Point Edward this Civic holiday weekend for what has become a yearly yachting adventure (see previous posts, search word yacht). These trips are always the highlight of my summer, as I'm extremely fond of yachts, the lake, swimming, captaining, drinking, water, etc.. This year we ran into the captain's brother who rendezvoused with his sailboat at the wreck of the Sweetheart, just out from the Bluewater bridge. They were offering Scotch -- so I jumped in the water and swam over.. The scotch was 12 year Chivas Regal, which in my opinion is the best blended scotch.. (I derived this point of view from a close friend who is a scotch (neat) drinker, as well as it was the best scotch I've ever had to this point).


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