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Friday, October 22, 2004

I had a few too many refreshments tonight at the Land Rover of London unveiling of the new LR3 (formerly the Land Rover Discovery). A big fat SUV with a rugged exterior and a plush usually leather interior. I was more concerned with the catered food and booze than the vehicle though. Erin and I attended this occasion, she was more partial to the Jaguar's which shared the showroom but weren't necessarily being celebrated. Custom Cuisine catered the evening, the best choice in London, as far as I'm concerned... Embarrassingly Erin's mother had to drive us both out of there, while my car stayed the night.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

I almost lost my poor cell phone the other night.. A bunch of us were coming home from the Honest Lawyer this past Saturday night, a drunken football tossing session ensued all the way back to Sean's, at which point I noticed my cell phone was gone, so I quickly got Jake's phone and called it 14 times along my reverse path until I heard it ringing. Dashing towards it in glee I found it underneither a car in the path that the wheel would have taken had the car pull out... Phew!

Thanksgiving is over, and Hallowe'en is coming up so I've delayed my diet until after then. We're hosting a Hallowe'en costume bash this year again, but on Devil's Night, it's looking to be a good time. I haven't got my costume yet, so I'll likely have to run out to Walmart in desparation like i did last year.. at the last minute.

Brent was up from sunny Santa Barbara this past week for the holidays, and Kyle is about to embark for Las Vegas. It's only him and Becky this year, previously a bunch of us were going to go, but now I'd be a third wheel. And the November Vegas trip looks not likely for me either.