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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Well Kerry didn't win, and I'm not happy about that. It seems like things are going backwards in the US instead of forward. Oh well...

In other news I'm not so angry with Bell Mobility anymore as they've given me a $100 credit to my account for duping me into buying an expensive phone with the lure of a free mp3 player. The $100 covers the retail cost of the player (which can now buy a better player than that I'd imagine!) I wouldn't have received this credit if I didn't write a letter and mail it to them, talking to people on the phone or in email gets you nowhere fast. Also be sure to include a cheque in your letter so it doesn't get thrown into the furnace fuel bin.

Mortgage approved!

According to preliminary reports from TD Canada Trust, whom we didn't know was the financial institution until just this very hour, they'll go ahead with giving us a mortgage (conditional on all sorts of financial information, etc)

What a trial!

House offer deadline!

Today is the deadline (like I thought yesterday was), and the new people we have working on this (Mortgage Intelligence), haven't got back to us yet with an answer. The offer expires tonight at 11:59pm and I'm not optimistic about being granted an extension from the sellers.

Yesterday I was afluster with how CIBC was handling the situation, we spoke with the bank nearly a month ago, and they were optimistic all along, indicating that there shouldn't be a problem and that everything looks good. So we sat there thinking "yay, we've got the place" until I walk into the bank on normal company business and ask what's up while there and hear that they can't complete the application due to some missing info.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Real Estate Tragedy

Tragedy has struck, looks like the whole thing will fall through due to proof of income/tax problems. An extension may not be allowed either.

I was already looking forward to owning this home, as assumed it would work, since the bank lead us to believe everything would be fine, and we just now learned that it would not.

Today is the deadline to receive bank approval on our real estate offer. I'm PATIENTLY awaiting the bank's response, as if this doesn't get approved and finalized today we may be out of luck. I'm getting more and more antsy as time goes on.

Monday, November 01, 2004

The Halloween party was a hoot. I over refreshed myself with gin and juice, and many had a great time. Adam won the contest for best costume (Space Jesus). I dressed as wolfman, which was the cheapest whole costume at That Party Place.

Tomorrow is the US election. I'm rooting for Kerry, but admit that if Bush wins it won't be so bad for Canada. Peter Mansbridge opened my eyes to why a bush win wouldn't be that bad at the convention centre on Saturday for CIBC Wood Gundy's 4th annual client conference. He said that he was chatting with some liberal MPs on a plane ride back from Ottawa to Toronto and that they said they want Kerry to win, but Canada would be better off if Bush won because Kerry wants more worldwide troups in Iraq, meaning perhaps Canadians, not just Americans dying, and he's much more protectionist than Bush, so we'll loose out more on the exporting meat and garbage and the softwood lumber situation.

Martin said no Canadian troops are going to Iraq at all, but it's a little tougher to say no to the US when the democrats are in charge...