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Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Degree Confluence Project

I came across this project oo the internet. The Degree Confluence Project. People use GPS's and find exact latitude and longitudinal coordinates and go to these exact locations and take pictures and tell a story about what's there. (ie at 43°N 81°W is a farmer's field (probably pretty common for our area) with a boy named George and a dog named Max). This is just 10km west southwest of Ingersol, and the closest confluence to London.

Star Wars Episode III

Just got back from Star Wars Ep III, I'm going to be tired tomorrow....! Even though we went a couple hours early seating was still very limited.

I liked this movie quite a bit, unfortunately due to my great expectations, and them being barely met, this movie will not reside amongst my top 10. :(

The wait for the movie to start wasn't too bad, they let us in the theatre 1.75 hours early, which is pretty good. There were lightsabre fights at the front, some of them embarrasing, but entertaining anyway.