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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Crippling back pain is the best way to start a weekend!

Friday was a big moving day at work as a bunch of brokers and assistants moved offices internally. I stayed late to help out, but was an absolute mess due to my horrendous back pain. I wouldn't have gone into work if I didn't have so much to do... I ended up leaving earlier than I should have and going home to sleep on the floor. I was in pain until some point in the night, but I didn't look at the clock to tell when, it felt like I woke up every 30 mins for 10 mins before getting back to sleep.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Vicki's cat dies in a sad accident

A sad day, this Wednesday afternoon. Vicki found her cat, Molly, laying prone behind by her old recliner -- apparently suffering from trauma from being caught between the chair and something else. No sound was made to alert Vicki to the tragedy, so it took around 45 minutes before she noticed the cat there. I rushed to Vicki's, picked them up, and headed to the vet. Weaving in and out of traffic and speeding, we made it to the After Hours Emergency Vet on Adelaide St South. It was too late though, and possibly would have been too late an instant after it happened, there were cranial fractures and the like, so it was recommended that she be put to sleep.
Molly was approx. 3 months old

Monday, July 04, 2005

GD Poker Tour

Sunday was the first installment of the Group Dynamic Poker Tour (GDPT). Modeled after the World Poker Tour (WPT). This series of events is being taped by Craig Rice with a digital high definition camera. Wavers had to be signed and lights had to be set up. It will be overlayed with commentary and card displays of the final table action.

I somehow managed to get first place out of about 20 people. And I was loopy during most of it due to medication I took for some severe back pain I was experiencing. I suspect that I would not have won if I wasn't all hopped up on painkillers. I was also hung-over from KEMF the day before, but I couldn't really tell due to my searing back pain, it was only when it was gone that the nausea shone through. I was a little nervous at the end table, after my makeup was wearing off and knowing that my every move was being taped and would later to be watched, along with what cards I had. I hate watching myself on tape, so it should be an embarrasing time when it's finished.

Canada Day Long Weekend & KEMF XI

Another long weekend is over. The fireworks put on by the city of London at the forks of the Thames on Canada Day were a bit of a joke -- A few of us watched them from a 19th floor balcony downtown. (City Place)

KEMF XI was on Saturday, I bought some label-less Vodka (in bulk) from a friend who was coming down from Toronto and drank that for the event. I can still see, so it was OK. It tasted like Carribean vodka, but I'm not an expert on vodkas of the world. I'm not sure where it came from, and assuming it was stolen would be crazy speculation!! KEMF was livlier than the last installment in May, where everyone went to bed (me included) at like midnight! I got a nice sunburn, but nothing goes better with bathtub vodka than a bad burn.
I got back into London at around 3am, and did you know that if you stop by some Country Style Donut shops at 3am, they'll give you free donuts (that they're about to throw out). I was like a kid in a candy store, asking for pile after pile of free donuts, which tasted just fine even the next day!

Download the music from KEMF XI HERE.