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Thursday, May 15, 2003

Saw the Matrix Reloaded last night at 10pm. It was exhilarating. A couple slow parts made me yawn, but otherwise it was exciting. A couple really climatic realizations that some people will need to watch the movie again to understand took place.
16 People attended the showing (Adam, Trisha, Andrew, Amanda, Scott, Jeremy, Sean, Sheila, Jamie, Byron, Sharon, Shane, Dave, Mike, Tanya, Bryan)

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Things seem to be back on track, Sean took the blame for everything getting out of control.

The controversey continues, it's turned into a disagreement on what events actually occured, and who said what about their feelings regarding the cottage.
And who told who about what someone said. And who's on who's side, and what did other people say, and I got myself in the middle of it (in an effort to calm a storm). Hopefully everything will work out, and that I've minimized any harm in my attempts to do 'the greater good'.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

There's trouble a-stirrin' in the group. According to reports;
Shane has decided to go to his cottage for the long-weekend and
invite 5 GD people to go, while a majority of the others are
going to a party at Mike's. It was leaked out that apparently some
people felt left out or that only privledged people were allowed to go or that their proposed
plans were brushed off. The limit, as set out by Shane's parents,
is that no more than 6 people be at their cottage (that he previously
was not allowed to use.). Shane, upon hearing of these rumors by
an already-angry friend sent an angry e-mail around to everyone
expressing his furiousness to the people who were reportedly
angry with him, mentioning things such that some were acting like five
year old children.

I don't think Shane was ever meant to find out about people
being allegedly upset at his decision to host a limited-attendance
competing party on the long weekend, but he did. I think
now the people who didn't want the party to happen are being
made to look worse than they should be. I'm sure it's not
their fault that they want everyone together, or want the
option to party with all of their friends (Because anyone
who wanted to spend the long weekend with the people going
to the cottage are not allowed to). But people should have
kept their provocative feelings to their selves or specified
that those they told not mention it to anyone else or made
clear that they didn't mean it seriously, especially
if they were accusing invitees of being "Elite". I myself
live in a fantasy world where everything is fair, and when its
not I ask why.

I'm not on either side of this controversy, and even though I would
have done things differently than Shane doesn't mean he didn't do
the right thing. Shane has the right to invite whoever he wants,
to whatever he wants as do we all, and those who accept have
the right to accept.

Matrix Reloaded comes out Wednesday, we have a group of 16 going to see it at 10pm. It'd better be good because I have my hopes up, a rarity...

Monday, May 12, 2003

Jenna won survivor last night. I wanted it to be Rob, and then Matt. Jenna didn't do anything! She wanted to leave only a few episodes previous. I think the only reason she won is because people fell for her "I need the money more than Matt" spiel. And Matt did already win the car...