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Friday, September 24, 2004

All of my Bell Mobility woes stemmed from upgrading to a new cell phone. Beware before you do this, they'll try to change your plan on you from the $35 weeknights start at 6pm plan to the $35 weeknights start at 8 plan. Since I like to wait to make all of my calls until after 6pm I got right screwed over this. I'm confidant they'll switch it back to my old plan since I didn't authorize a new one. I wonder how many people get screwed and don't bother doing anything about it?

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I recently clicked an advertisement, which is really odd, to a movie delivery service. I've always been interested in this since I heard about NetFlix in the US. I'm giving this one, ZIP.CA a free trial run, and trying to see if there's interest for a group of people to go in on it together, as the $25/month could really be cut down with multiple people onboard. Not sure if it'll work out though. They send 4 movies at once, and you're supposed to have a list of 20 movies for them to send the most readily available ones.

Link to free trial:

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

I was gandering at my online Bell Mobility summary and was AGHAST to see that I owe $350!!! I haven't seen a bill in a while either. I'm sure other people are in this boat too (Sheila!). But I'm disputing the amount of these charges since apparently I spent $50 mobile browsing and talked $100 worth of pre-evening calls.

But I have to wait for the damned billed to be able to tell what BELL's screwed up again!

I currently hate Bell since I was so duped with my new cell phone deal.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The Sims 2

I recently acquired The Sims 2 after reading all the hub-bub about it. It's very similar to the first one except for my computer doesn't do so good in the fastest time mode. It's all 3d and such and people can do a lot more stuff too. I created (randomly) the Robertson household with Scott and Amanda, who while having the same last name weren't married from the get go, so I had to get them all loving each other and then married. They had a child named Tookie, and then poor Scott died (from the flu) and severe unhappiness due to not having enough time with work and the brat. Grief stricken Amanda turned to the shower repairwoman, an older woman with white hair named Daisy for some loving, the repairwoman eventually moved in, but not before A social worker came and took Tookie away (because there was only one bed in the house and it was often occupied by Amanda and Daisy, and poor Tookie had to sleep (starving) on the couch). I think the hungry part is what got Tookie taken away. I'm not quite sure how to get the child back. Also the nanny died after getting trapped in Scott's mausoleum in the front yard, which was subsequently torn down. Scott and the Nanny's ghost still haunt the homestead.

Monday, September 20, 2004

Don't leave your camera flash card in a taxi or someone will post your pictures all over the internet! (I found some of your life)

Weekend was fun, had a big Poker tournament on Saturday at Kyle's house. I managed to be the drunkest there (Yay for me!), well I was the drunkest there until I left to the Robertson homestead, after that who knows. I did pretty well despite my drunkeness and made it to the final table (there was only 2 tables), I was either 7th 8th 9th or 10th place. I won 3 bounty chips so it only cost me $10 instead of $25.