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Monday, June 12, 2006

Fleetwood Country Cruise-In

Also this past weekend I attended a big bad classic car festival out at the old Plunkett Estate.. People were parked for miles around, and walking long distances to get there. I had thought I would pass on this event, as I'm not a big fan of walking far, but then I managed to get a spot right out of the front gates (half on their neighbours lawn).. My parents were showing off their 72 Pontiac muscle car, and I ran into Tim and Wendy Carroll whom I recently learned have an old 42? Oldsmobile -- they were also who I learned of this event from.. Far be it for my parents to notify me of the largest catered event in London's history, which was for a fancy $75 per plate dinner later that evening...

Greg Smith's Bachelor Party

I was in attendance at Greg Smith's bachelor party this past Saturday. It started at the Oar House, and ended up at Downtown Kathy Brown's with some undisclosed locations in between.  DKB's was the meetup for the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Normally each of these groups doesn't meet up, but in this group they do! I managed to spend an obscene amount of money this night, but was outdone by Mark Pfeiffer, who spent an unreasonable amount of money on vices for others (mostly the guest of honour)... All in all it was a great night!