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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Happy birthday to me

I turned 28 yesterday :(, inching ever closer to 30... I understand that 30 is the end of the line, so I'd better get everything done I wanted to do while I'm still young... My birthday was a subdued event, but there was always a keg party for everyone in my group who's birthday is in December.. So I didn't need to do anything too special.. Went to Hooks for dinner with a bunch of people.. It was the worst experience I've ever had at hooks. The fact that we arrived at 8pm didn't help, as none of the food was being refreshed and everything was developing a skin over it.


I got a letter from IMPARK in the mail today insisting that I owe them $70 for parking in one of their lots once.. I never parked in any of their lots recently!! Another company added to my list of most hated companies.. Right up there with Rogers, The Palasad and Ticketmaster!

Update (January 12th): I was able to get my ticket cancelled, after calling and getting it reduced to $30, I told them that wasn't good enough as I never parked there and this sounded illegal. After talking diplomatically to a supervisor it was all fixed.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Christmas Cartoon Festival 2006

Cartoon fest occured last night, it was a great time as usual. This year it went high tech, with the cartoons being played off of 2 DVDs, as opposed to switching tapes after every cartoon.. Mark was up most of the previous night in my room piping tapes and digital video into a DVD burner.. It's not cartoon fest if everything isn't done at the very last minute.. We had to use my old VCR as an RF Modulator to be able to run cable from the DVD player to the upstairs tv at the venue location. I'm not feeling too well today.. A friend of mine is stranded in Sault Ste Marie due to his friend's car being stolen and smashed up, I had originally made it sound like I thought it would be an adventure to drive up and fetch them (For a small fee), but not anymore

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